Militants Fire at Christian Quarter of Damascus Leaving 3 Wounded – Police

Militants in Eastern Ghouta fired rockets at the Christian quarter of Qassaa in Damascus, leaving three civilians injured, a source in the city police told Sputnik on Wednesday.
“A rocket from Eastern Ghouta exploded in the Qassaa district. Two children and a woman were injured,” the source said.
Qassaa district is located near the Old City, less than a kilometer (0.6 miles) from the front line of Eastern Ghouta. Its inhabitants are mainly Christians.
Militants have been shelling the center and the residential districts of Damascus for two months, leaving about 20 civilians killed and dozens injured over the course of the Eastern Ghouta escalation.
The situation in Damascus suburb remains tense after in February, Damascus launched large-scale operation codenamed Damascus Steel to liberate the Eastern Ghouta area from terrorists formerly known as the al-Nusra Front* movement. Recently, the troops regained control over the town of Nashabiyah and a number of villages and farms in the region.
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