Mass evacuation of locals from Afrin city as Turkish aggression continues

More than 1100 civilians have been martyred or injured, mostly children, women and elderly, since the beginning of the Turkish assault in Afrin area.
For the 57th day in a row, the Turkish regime forces and its mercenaries continue aggression on Afrin city and the surroundings of villages, towns and farms, targeting with various types of weapons the civilians there.
Massive destruction was caused to schools, infrastructure, water pumping stations, power plants and agriculture lands, the last of which was targeting Afrin Hospital which went out of service, depriving thousands of civilians to receive emergency and therapeutic services.
Hundreds of locals fleeing from the Turkish aggression narrated their stories regarding the crimes committed by the Turkish forces and its mercenaries against them. The civilians have nothing to do but to leave forcibly in order to preserve their lives and the lives of their children.
On Friday, 16 civilians, including children, were martyred and score others were injured due to Turkish shelling on Afrin Hospital while 6 people were martyred in a similar attack on the city center.

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