Map: General Command of the Syrian Army announces liberation of most of E Ghouta – statement

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces has just announced via a statement the full liberation of Ayn Trama, Jobar, Arbeen and Zumlka in the eastern Gauta.
“After a series of battles and hostilities carefully planned and implemented with high cooperation and coordination between different types of forces in cooperation with the allied forces, the Syrian Arab Army restored control of most of eastern Ghouta areas” the statement involved.
“Our armed forces also secured the exit of tens of thousands of civilians who were held by terrorist organizations as human shields, moved them to temporary residence centers aided with the necessities of decent living, housing, food and medical and health care”
Finally the statement added that “The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces, blessing our people steadfast for this great victory over the terrorist project and its sponsors and supporters, renews its duty to continue the war on the remaining areas of terrorism until the elimination of it and restore security and stability to the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.