Latest leaking info of Jaish Al-Islam negotiations with government in Douma

The UK-based Syrian observatory said that, the negotiations are still ongoing between the Syrian authorities and the Russian reconciliation center with Jaish Al-Islam faction to reach an agreement includes handing over Douma city.
The Observatory confirmed that the ongoing negotiations, put east Qalamoun as one of the most prominent options for Jaish Al-Islam next destination.
The sources said that, the Russian side offered Jaish Al-Islam the spreading of the Russian military police in the vicinity of Douma, in return, the elite leaders have to move firstly to the areas of Idlib or any other place, in parallel with keeping whoever wants of civilians in Douma.
These negotiations coincide with the anticipation of Jaish Al-Islam releasing thousands of prisoners in Douma, in exchange for the evacuation of thousands of humanitarian conditions.

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