Jaysh al-Islam denies reaching evacuation deal with Russia , Ghouta

The Russian General Staff stated that militants of Jaysh al-Islam rebel group in Eastern Ghouta will leave their stronghold as per an agreement.
“Until today, an agreement has been concluded with the leaders of illegal armed factions in East Ghouta; whereby militants and their families will be leaving the city of Douma very soon”, Head of the Russian General Sfaff Main Operations Department, Sergey Rudskoy, said.
Meanwhile, AFP cited the spokesman of the Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam, who denied that any deal with the Russian has been made to leave the city of Douma.
In a related context, head of the political office of Jaish al-Islam rebel group, Mohammed Alloush, said that the negotiations with the Russians are on track.
Alloush confirmed that the negotiations with Russian are being carried out by mediation of the United Nations only; stressing that his group set up specific strategies for the negotiations, including that the Saudi-backed factions is not leaving Douma

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