In VIDEO : militant mortar attack kills, injures scores in Damascus

At least 2 civilians were killed, 9 others wounded as mortars and explosive bombs fired by Islamist rebels in East Ghouta hit the Syrian capital today.
The bloody assault – made by rebels in Jobar district east of Damascus – comes as the Syran forces continue to grab more territories in the longtime insurgent enclave.
Medical sources in the Syrian capital confirmed that – so far – 2 people were reported dead, 9 others hospitalized for various injuries due to the mortar shelling.

Meanwhile in East Ghouta, up to 524 people – including 72 militants – left Harasta to Idlib province as per an evacuation dead with the Syrian government.
The deal will be carried out concurrently with the Ahrar al-Sham rebel group and the Syrian government releasing prisoners.

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