Ghouta Map Update: Syrian Army takes over as militants surrender

Ghouta Map : Syrian Army units seized control of the entire Ayn Tarma town on Friday after kicking out all militant groups from it.
The Syrian Army’s entry to the town was embraced by heavy greetings from the locals who raised the Syrian flag in the town center as insurgents surrendered in the neighboring towns.
Faylaq al-Rahman announced its surrender and acceptant of the Syrian Army’s ultimatums as both sides reached an agreement that decreed the militant exit from Eastern Ghouta in the direction of Idlib. The agreement includes Erbeen, Jobar, Zamalka, and Hazzeh. Russian military police will accompany the Syrian forces sweeping through those villages.
From another side, Ahrar al-Sham was the fastest to surrender as the last batch of fighters was sent via buses to Idlib moments ago with their families. The city is now announced free of terrorism and insurgent groups.
No one is now left besides the militants of Jaish al-Islam in control of Douma who haven’t decreed a clear stance on a potential surrender to the Syrian government yet.
Thousands of civilians have already evacuated towards government-held areas in recent days.
Douma is all that remains before Eastern Ghouta is declared free for the first time in 7 years

خريطة الغوطة الشرقية بعد تقدم الجيش الاخير ، واستسلام المسلحين في حرستا و عربين و زملكا وغيرها

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