Ghouta Map update : Syrian Army takes back important town, converges on rebels in E Ghouta

As the final mission objectives are approaching to achieve, the Syrian troops keep pushing forward, striking the jihadist rebels positions in multiple areas across the eastern Ghouta.


Sources from the ground confirmed to Muraselon that the combat Army forces have managed to liberate Jisreen town in the southern sector of eastern Ghouta region.
“After sweeping out the surrounding farmlands and defusing the landmines, IEDs and all terrorists’ defenses, the storming units succeeded in establishing full control over the town” military source cited.
Elsewhere in the embattled Ghouta, the army troops also made a considerable push, gaining more ground from the raging area of Al-Rayhan in the northern part, amid ongoing heavy clashes.


Private source close to Muraselon, said that the well-known rebel faction of Faylaq Alrahman has transported it’s main headquarters to Zamalka city in the heartlands of the eastern Ghouta..


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