Fighting renews in Deir Ezzor as ISIS struggles to establish foothold

Recently, the death-cult terrorist group of the Islamic state (ISIS) has intensified its swift assaults, targeting the government positions in the oil-rich province of Deir Ezzor.
Pro-oppositions sources reported on Wednesday that, the Islamic state militants launched an attack on pro-government sites near the archaeological site of “Ein Ali” spring in Al-Qouriya countryside, east of Deir Ezzor.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory mentioned that, “ISIS carried out an attack in the vicinity of l-Sha’afa town,  located in the eastern banks of the Euphrates River against the US-backed SDF forces, The attack targeted a position of the SDF stationed in the area, while there is information that the organization controlled the positions and inflicted human losses in the ranks of its rivals”
Worthy to say that ISIS media branch of “Amaq” didn’t report any of those details regarding Deir Ezzor developments.

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