Death Toll in Rocket Shelling of Damascus Climbs to 35 (video – photos )

Amid the ceasefire in Syria, militants fired rockets at a busy market in a suburb of the Syrian capital on Tuesday, according to media reports.

“The bodies of 35 people killed in rocket fire by terrorists on a market in kashkoul area in the outskirts of Jaramana city were delivered to the hospital,” the official was quoted as saying by the SANA news agency.

The conflicting reports on the number of casualties emerged earlier in the day. Some 24 people have been killed and another 32 people have been wounded in rocket fire, according to a source in police speaking to Sputnik. Syrian state TV has said that 28 eight people were killed.
The number of victims is not final, as the shelling continues,” the source pointed out, saying that several rockets exploded in the historic center of Damascus, in the Imara district, as well as in the al-Mazzeh district.

The SANA news agency reported earlier that four people were killed and nine injured in the suburban town of Jarmana, located to the south of the Syrian capital, as a result of the rocket attack.A woman and a child were among those wounded, according to the agency.
Earlier on Tuesday, SANA also reported that militants had opened fire against the district of al Amzzeh in Damascus, injuring one child.