Details of the agreement between Faylaq Alrahman and Syrian government & Russian in Eastern Ghouta

The rebel groups stationed in the years-lasting opposition-held areas of Zamalka, Arbeen and Jobar in Eastern Ghouta have surrendered to the government forces.
The state TV said on Friday that thousands of rebels laying down their arms, complying with the agreement concluded earlier between the Syrian government and Faylaq Alrahman faction.
The agreement stated that Faylaq Alrahman must release all the prisoners its kept, including military personnel.
Rebels will hand over their heavy weapons – under the Russians’ custody – to the Syrian Army, the agreement saying.
According to the Faylaq Alrahman, the Russian military police will be deployed in the towns from which they will leave in the middle sector of the eastern Ghouta.
According to sources, more than 7000 rebels along with their families are moving towards Idlib province on Saturday.
Muraselon .