BREAKING: Syrian Army establishes full control over three key towns in eastern Ghouta

The government troops backed by the Air forces, keep striking the jihadists positions in the besieged enclave of the eastern Ghouta.
Military sources cited that the army units managed in Saturday to liberate the strategic town of Utaya that located few kilometers south of Hawsh aldawahrah , Nashabieh and Hzrameh villages
Dozens of militants were killed and injured, with few numbers managed to flee towards the heart of the eastern Ghouta region.
In another axis, the Syrian troops are now storming Al-Rayhan area which overlooks the eastern orchards of Douma city; the largest stronghold of Jaish Al-Islam rebel faction.
#Update : Read More | East Ghouta Map Update: Syrian Army accomplishes great advance capturing Nashabiya and Utaya strongholds

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