Breaking | Syrian Army enters Harasta after rebel surrender and evacuation to Idlib

Syrian Army began entering Harasta on the evening of Friday, 23 March with the presence of engineering teams after the rebel surrender and the evacuation of the last bus in the direction of Idlib.
SANA announced that 3034 people including 1072 militants had left the city in 59 buses.
Syrian Army units found a 3-meter deep trench and 5 meters wide terrorist groups had used for the transportation of trucks and cars between Ayn Tarma, Madyara, and Douma.
Syrian Army units also secured a number of humanitarian convictions from Harasta city to the government hospitals.
From their side, militant groups burnt their last ammo depots in the city before their evacuation. A number of Red Crescent workers were injured in the process along with civilians.
Faylaq al-Rahman also surrendered to the Syrian Army and work will begin on evacuating them from Erbeen, Jobar, Zamalka, and Hazzeh on Saturday.
The liberation of Harasta came after a military operation by the Syrian Army that led to its isolation from Douma and the other East Ghouta towns forcing the fighters to surrender to the Syrian Army’s terms
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