Breaking | Syrian Army captures half of two important towns in eastern Ghouta

Military sources from Eastern Ghouta informed Muraselon that Syrian Army units stormed militant positions in Saqba and Kafr Batna a few hours ago.
Sources confirmed that army units achieved important advances in both villages as battles continue to heat up for the full control of both villages.
Syrian Army Forces had managed to capture Hammouriya and Jisreen over the last two days which have proven to be important launchpads for assaulting Saqba which has become flanked from both the northern and southern flanks whereas Kafr Batna is positioned in the immediate vicinity of Jisreen.
In these moments, thousands of civilians are leaving East Ghouta through Hammouriya as the Syrian government with the support of the Syrian Red Crescent is working on transporting them to habitation centers and providing them with necessary medical support: