Breaking Map | Syrian Army inching closer to splitting East Ghouta after seizing new town

The Syrian Forces finally managed to fully restore Mesraba town in East Ghouta following 2-day long battle with Islamist rebels, a military source told MURASELON.
The liberation of the town was achieved after the Army units approached from two axes; Meseraba farms and the neighboring Beit Sawa town.
In the process, the government troops destroyed a network of tunnels extensively used by rebels; most of which are pre-constructed i.e. sewage network system.
The same source added that most of the farms linking Madyara to Hamouriyah town are now under the Army’s control, with the aim to alienate Madyara and eventually recapture it.
The recent advance even gets the government forces closer than ever to link up with the Army units at the Army Vehicle Base in Harasta. “There is less than 900 meters to go”, the source commented.
Meanwhile in the southern part of the rebel pocket, the SAA’ elite Tiger Forces continue to grab more territories from jihadi militants in the Aftris axis toward Saqba town, prematurely detonating a booby-trapped vehicle for al-Nusra terror group.
Yesterday, a huge advance was made by the Syrian forces deep in the Harasta-Douma farms, thus almost entirely separating the two insurgent bastions from each other.

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