At least 10,000 civilians leave Ghouta via Hamouriya and Water Resources corridors

At least 10,000 civilians have exited from eastern Ghouta until now through the corridors of Hamouriya and Water Resources, mostly children and women, a military source said.
According to SANA reporter, the army, in cooperation with locals, on Saturday opened a new humanitarian corridor from Harasta towards Water Resources at the international highway.
A child was injured as the terrorist organizations, positioned in the remaining areas of eastern Ghouta, opened fire on the civilians who were trying to leave Harasta towards the corridor.
Units of the Syrian Arab army and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) are receiving the evacuated civilians, providing them with all necessary facilitations and transferring them to makeshift centers equipped with all necessary requirements and medical care units.
SANA reporter pointed out that medical staffs from the Heath Ministry and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are providing  therapeutic services for the critical humanitarian cases once they reach the corridor.
A number of evacuated civilians said they were confident that the Syrian Arab army is coming to rid them of the siege of terrorist organizations, calling on the rest of the people in Ghouta, especially in Duma, to confront terrorists and break the shackles of terrorism.