VIDEO: Brutal mine-clearing tank devastates well-fortified rebel building in E Ghouta

On Sunday (25 February), the Syrian army launched military operation against the terrorists of the Hayyat Tahrir Al-sham and its associated factions in several areas of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus.
A military source confirmed – earlier today – that the Syrian army established control on the towns of Nashabiya and Hazerm and Tal Sfrat and Salihia following clashes with the rebel groups.
Video footage from the battleground of the eastern ghouta, emerge moment of launching a rocket from the Russian-made “UR-77 Meteorit” towards rebel positions that captured by the army later.
The UR-77 is a variant of the 2S1 Gvozdika, a Russian-made tracked artillery piece. But the only real similarity between the UR-77 and the 2S1 is the chassis. Instead of a howitzer, the UR-77 has a turret capable of shooting out a rocket-propelled rope fitted with explosive charges.

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