US Safe Zone in Syria Helps Daesh Terrorists Hide From Gov't Forces – Moscow

The US military presence in Syria is a serious challenge to a peace process and protection of the country’s territorial integrity, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.
“A 55-kilometer zone unilaterally created by Americans around their military base near al-Tanf is being used by the scattered units of Daesh terrorists,” Maria Zakarova said during the weekly briefing, stressing that the extremists have opportunity to hide from the government forces in the area as well as regroup and prepare for new raids in Syrian deserts.
She went on to underscore that the US presense remains “a serious challenge to the promotion of peace in Syria and protection of its unity and territorial integrity.”
Toching upon the issue of chemical weapons use in Syria, Zakharova called the statements by the US State Departement suggesting Moscow’s complicity “insinuations.” She also said that the US has been using unverified information in their statements recently.
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