More Surprises Await Aggressor If It Chooses to Attack Again – Syrian Official

Damascus’ warning comes as the Israeli Defense Minister proclaims that there will be no restrictions to the country’s military operations.
Syrian Assistant Foreign Minister Ayman Sussan has warned potential aggressors during a press-conference against being self-confident when deciding to perpetrate attacks against Syrian territory. According to him, they can expect more “surprises” like the one with the Israeli F-16 fighter jet in the future, if they decide to attack.

“Have full confidence the aggressor will be greatly surprised because it thought this war — this war of attrition Syria has been exposed to for years — had made it incapable of confronting attacks,” Ayman Sussan said.

The comment by the Syrian Foreign Ministry official comes at the in wake of the downing of the Israeli F-16 fighter jet that was bombing the positions of allegedly Iran-backed forces on the territory of Syria; and against the backdrop of a comment by the Israeli Defense Minister, who said that Tel-Aviv would not accept any restrictions to its military operations when it comes to their vital security interests.

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