Russian jets bomb east Qalamoun rebels amid preparations for assault against Syrian Army

On late Monday night, Russian jets attacked the positions, manpower and equipment of militants in East Qalamoun.
All reports indicate that militants in the area were mobilizing for a powerful assault against Syrian forces.
Military Source exclusive to Muraselon News  that Russian warplanes hit militants within the vicinity of Ar-Rahibah and Petra and due to the attack destroyed several armed pickup trucks; some militants were also killed and wounded.
Reports say that anti-government fighters, among them members of the Abdo Martyrs Brigade, were preparing for a powerful attack on Syrian forces positions near the Ad-Dumayr airbase.
Opposition sources also say that militant forces in East Qalamoun were on heightened alert for an attack against Syrian Army positions.
The mobilization of militant groups in East Qalamoun was a response to the attack by Syrian forces on fellow insurgents in east Damascus.
No further moves by anti-government fighters in the region have been made since coming under attack by Russian warplanes.

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