Russia Has No Evidence US-Led Coalition Targets Nusra Front Militants – Lavrov

Amid the worsening situation in Eastern Ghouta, the suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus, the Russian foreign minister said that the Nusra Front terrorists the major obstacle to reaching a ceasefire in Syria, adding that there’s no guarantee that militants will adhere to the cessation of hostilities.

The international coalition doesn’t seem to fight against the Nusra Front terrorist group in Syria, Lavrov said on Friday following the meeting with his Uzbek counterpart Abdulaziz Kamilov.

“The Nusra Front is not being targeted. We still have no evidence that the US-led coalition considers the Nusra front as a target for its military campaign,” Lavrov said at a news conference in Moscow.

A proposed UN Security Council’s resolution on Syria’s ceasefire doesn’t guarantee that the terrorists will lay down the weapons; at the same time, Moscow is ready to back the proposal, he pointed out.

He went on to note that the Astana peace process hinders the US plans to break Syria up.

“I have no doubt, it is obvious that the Astana process is hindering the plans for the split-up of Syria,” he said. “Such plans, although they are denied by the Americans, are actually being implemented.”