Modern Russian made tanks T-90 pour into Eastern Ghouta offensive [video]

Over the past two days, massive Syrian Army convoys arrived in Damascus containing all sorts of tanks, armored vehicles, and heavy artillery in preparation for an extensive military operation aimed at securing Damascus through the liberation of Eastern Ghouta.
Muraselon observed that in one of the many videos shared on social media sites Syrian Army units had transported enhanced T-90 tanks which have participated in many fronts and theaters across Syria before.
The T-90 tank is considered one of the top 5 tanks in the world as its main gun is 125mm cannon, considered the most accurate of its type. The tank also possesses the ability to counter fires automatically as well maintain impressive firepower. It is also armed with laser-guided rockets capable of destroying armor:

n other videos, Muraselon was able to track the transportation of the Smirch MLRS  BM 30 as well as Toshka missile launchers.

عربات bmp

راجمة سميرتش الروسية

منظومة صواريخ توشكا الروسية

The presence of all those advanced weapons near Eastern Ghouta is a radical shift in strategy of East Ghouta battles.
Jihadist militants had breached the de-escalation agreement after launching a large offensive on the Syrian Army in the Vehicles Management base of Harasta and bombing Damascus with hundreds of missiles and mortar shells killing dozens of civilians including women and children