Meet arsenal weaponry brought by Tiger Forces for Eastern Ghouta operation

Few days ago, the Syrian military has deployed the battle-hardened special forces unit of the Tiger Forces into the years-lasting rebels enclave of eastern Ghouta area in east Damascus.
By searching the videos and pictures that published yesterday about the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces convoy heading to the eastern Ghouta, there were heavy tactical weapons that were not shown before in  the countryside of Damascus.
– The Russian-made T-90 tank, which is characterized by its ability of maneuvering and fight in the most difficult situations, and can be firmly against hostile missiles, whether ordinary or thermal or even directed.
– A 240-mm mortar (M-240), considered one of the world’s heaviest guns, and can launch several types of missiles weighing up to 100 kg.
– BM-30 Smirch is one of the most powerful short-range rockets launchers, It can fire 12 rockets in 28 seconds of 300mm.
In addition to large numbers of conventional weapons such as the T-72 tanks, Bm MRLs, 130 self-propelled cannons, and the Akatsiya self-propelled howitzers have been shown to have proved their potent effectiveness in the war on terror in Syria.

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