Map |Syrian Army seizes more villages south Aleppo , 15 km to Saraqeb , 29 km to Fua

The Syrian Army unites continue the military operation against HTS militants in south Idlib , Aleppo countryside , liberating more villages west of railroad .
Military source told Muraselon web site that the elite Syrian Army -Tiger forces – managed to liberate Ziyaraht Samaan and kafir Haddad villages after clashes with HTS militants .
The source denied to Muraselon the news about liberating Tel Toukan town , ” our forces struck HTS inside the village without storming ” the source added
Earlier , on Friday morning , the Syrian Army was able to liberate Tall Aloush village .
The Syrian Army is 15 KM to Saraqeb in eastern Idlib countryside , and 29 km to Al-Fua in south Aleppo countryside .

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