For the first time : Women of ISIS & battling infidels (video)

For the first time, the Islamic state terror organization published a video documenting women’s participation in its battles.
In a video published by the pro-ISIS production center of “Al-Hayat” on Wednesday evening, shows several women carrying arms and participating in battles alongside fighters.
According to the video, the battles occurred in the areas east of Deir Al-Ezzor near the Iraqi border, most notably the “Hajin, Granning, Shaafah, Sousse, Baoz.”

Within the past few days, dozens of dead and wounded were fallen in violent clashes between the self-proclaimed group, and Syria’s democratic forces “SDF.”
It is noteworthy that ISIS still controls 123 km extending from the Tel Safouk crossing east of Shaddadi to Bagouz in the city of Albuqmal – in depth of 30 to 50 km inside the Syrian territory

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