Egyptian air-forces foil militants smuggling attempt, kill scores in west of the country

The Egyptian air force foiled the infiltration of 10 vehicles loaded with arms and ammunition on the country’s western border, and completely destroyed it.
The Egyptian army said in a statement issued on Thursday that “in conjunction with the implementation of the plan of comprehensive confrontation to eliminate terrorist elements and infiltration and smuggling across the border, there was a steady intelligence information that the gathering of a number of criminal elements are preparing to infiltrate into the Egyptian border via (sport utility vehicle) SUVs on the western strategic direction ”
The statement added, “The Egyptian high command ordered the air-forces to explore the border area to detect and follow the hostile targets and confirm coordinates and deal with them over the past 24 hours.”
“The operation resulted in the targeting and destruction of 10 SUVs loaded with quantities of weapons and ammunition.” the statement said.

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