Damascus warns to down any aerial threat on Syria – Official

During a press conference, Fayssal Mikdad, Syria’s Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, asserted that the USA aimed to prolong the war in the country.
“We call on the United Nations to investigate the actions and practices of the United States, which threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Syria and aim to liquidate the Syrian people, contradicting the objectives and principles of the UN. The Army will down any jet that launches an assault on Syria and that is not a mere threat… we are able to get rid of terrorists when the West stops supporting them,” Mikdad said.
On February 10th, the Syrian air-defenses shot down an Israeli F-16 jet fighter over southwestern Syria, that were conducting an air raid against a military installation.
Earlier in the day, French President Emmanuel Macron threatened to launch strikes on Syria if the allegation that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its civilians was proven.