Breaking | More than Ten Russian Jets strike on HTS sites in Idlib , Hama Countrysides

Following the Turkestan Islamic party counter-offensive  which launched today , Afternoon on Syrian Army sites in eastern Idlib , the Russian Airspace forces started heavily took off from Hameemim Air Base .
According to Opposition sources , about 10-15 Russian jets struck many HTS sites in more than 20 town and village in Idlib , Hama Countrysides .
The Russian Raids came after one day of downing the Russian Su-25 by militants MANPAD over Idlib Countryside
The Opposition sources said that the Raids Targeted villages of ” Murek , Saraqeb , Kifer zaita , Khan shiekhoon , Maaret Al-Nuaman  , kifer nubile , Al-Tah , and other sites in west Idlib city ” .
The Source Added that the Russian Navy also fired Cruise missiles Targeted  HTS headquarters in Idlib Countryside
Military source told Muraselon that the Syrian Army withdraw from Tall Al-Saltan which located north of Abu Duhur Air Base due to the militants counter-offensive , and the clashes Continuing
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