BREAKING: Syrian Army to enter Afrin region tomorrow – YPG media

On Sunday, the Syrian government and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reached an agreement, includes the entry of the Syrian army into the city of Afrin.
“The Syrian army will enter Afrin on Monday,” said Sheikho bello, a leader of the Kurdish Democratic  party adding that “the aim of entering the city is to protect and defend it.”
“The talks between the self-government and Damascus on Afrin are continuing, and we will announce the results once the agreement is reached,” the media advisor to the Afran People’s Protection Units, Rizan Haddu, told the Rudawo media network on Saturday.
What’s more, the media advisor to the People’s Protection Units in Afrin said that “Turkey was defeated militarily and suffering a crisis” and that prompted Turkey to “target the infrastructure and monuments in Afrin.”

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