Breaking | Russia retrives fallen Russian pilot body from Syria

The body of Major Filipov, the Su-25 pilot shot down in Syria who then blew himself up with a grenade rather than be killed by militants, has been recovered and returned to Russia, the Defense Ministry said.
“Russian military intelligence, in cooperation with its Turkish colleagues, has returned to Russia the body of pilot Major Roman Filipov, who heroically died in Syria on February 3,” the Ministry said.
Filipov’s military funeral is to take place in his hometown of Voronezh on February 8, in keeping with his family’s wishes, the Ministry added.
The Su-25 attack jet piloted by Filipov was downed by militants over the Syrian province of Idlib on Saturday during a routine flight. The plane was likely hit by a heat-seeking missile fired by a man-portable air defense system (MANPAD).
The exact type of munition used is still unknown, as the crash site remains under the control of militants. The ministry says that Al-Nusra Front terrorists control the area.
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