Afrin map update: Turkish-led forces snatch more areas from YPG in northern Syria

The Turkish military backed by the so-called (Free Syrian Army) militants continue their wide-scale military operations in the region of Afrin in northwestern Syria.
Reports announced by the Euphrates Shield militias saying that they managed to capture “Kharouz” mountain near Turkish borders, following clashes with the Kurds.
Also they claimed to have captured “Al-Amoud” (Dakima Tash) village that located near the recently taken hilltop of “Bursaya” in northeast Afrin.
To the west of Afrin region, the Turkish military also was able to seize the village of “Hajj Bilal” in Rajo area.
Few days ago, Opposition media published pictures proving control over the strategic Bulbul region near the Turkish-Syrian borders north of Afrin.

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