Afrin map update: Turkish-led forces advance on YPG in northern Syria

The Turkish military backed by the so-called (Free Syrian Army) militants continue their wide-scale military operations in the region of Afrin in northwestern Syria.
Reports announced by the Euphrates Shield militias saying that they managed to capture “Tal Alhawak – Sarnjeka” villages in the area of Bulbul, following clashes with the Kurds.
Also they claimed to have captured “Haj Sakandar – Deir Balout – Muhammadiyah – Tal al-Amara” in the area of Gendres, west of Afrin region.
On the other hand, the YPG-led SDF forces were capable to shoot down unmanned Turkish “Biraqdar” reconnaissance aircraft in Qodeh village of Afrin.

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