Afrin Map: Euphrates Shield rebels on verge of connecting Idlib to Jarablus

Turkish Army and allied rebels continue military operations against the Kurdish YPG in the Afrin Region of Aleppo’s northern countryside managing to seize more lands in the past few days after confrontations with SDF fighters.
According the map published by Muraselon, Turkish forces have been able to capture the following:
On Shingal axis: Midan Ikbes, Smalek, Sheikh Mohammad, Wilkli, Guando, Kosanli, and Benderek.
Sharan axis: Afranli military base and Afranli
Bulbul axis: Al-Musherfa
Raju axis: Donbelli
Jandaris axis: Abu Ka’ab and Hajiller
The Turkish Army and the Euphrates Shield militants are attempting to open the supply route connecting their positions in Jarabkus to the Atmeh border crossing in addition to forming a buffer zone between Afrin and the Turkish borders.
Afrin region had recently witnessed the flow of Syrian popular forces to support the locals in countering the Turkish aggression.
Turkish forces had begun their military campaign on Afrin on January 20.

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