In Video | Russian Artillery killed Militants that attacked Hmeymim Base with 'Krasnopol' weapon

Russian artillery has destroyed a depot storing militants’ drones located in the Idlib province.
The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that the group of militants that conducted a massive mortar attack targeting the Russian Hmeymim base in Syria on December 31 were eliminated in the course of a special operation.
According to the Defense Ministry, the operation involved all the forces and means of a multi-level system of Russian military intelligence in Syria.

Separately, Russian military intelligence units have discovered and destroyed a depot in the Idlib province controlled by so-called “moderate opposition” used to store strike drones used to attack two Russian bases in Syria on January 6, the ministry added.
“Russian military intelligence has uncovered the site where terrorists assembled and stored unmanned aircraft-type drones in the Idlib province. The depot was destroyed by high-precision artillery ammunition ‘Krasnopol’.”
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