Turkish MRLs fire barrage of rockets against YPG targets in Afrin (video)

Turkish units that deployed on the border with Syria on Tuesday bombed YPG, PYD positions in the area of ​​Afrin by artillery and rocket launchers, as part of operation “olive branch.”
Battleground video footage released by the Turkish state media of “Anatolia” agency, shows several artillery and multiple rocket launchers firing towards the YPG-held of Afrin.
Last Saturday, the Turkish Chief of Staff announced the launching of the Olive Branch Operation, with the aim of “establishing security and stability on the borders of Turkey and the region, eradicating the terrorists of YPG, PYD and the Da’ash in Afrin”
Moreover, Kurdish sources reported that the YPG took control of Quranh village near Bulbulah town in northern Afrin region following clashes with the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.

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