Turkish Military convoy reportedly enters Aleppo province to hunt down kurds

According to the TV channel Al-Mayadin, the armored column entered the Tellet el-Is area in the south of the Aleppo province to crush the Kurdish fighters in the Afrin area.
The development comes shortly after Turkish President Erdogan said that Ankara will not limit its military actions in Syria to the Afrin operation that has entered its fifth day on Wednesday. The president warned that the country’s military will “thwart games” on the Turkish borders, starting from Manbij.
Erdogan said on Thursday that seven militants of the Euphrates and two Turkish soldiers were killed during the fighting, while 268 Kurdish fighters were killed, that categorically denied by Kurdish sources.
What’s more, Kurdish militants on Tuesday managed to restore a number of strategic areas and hills that captured by rebels and the Turkish army north and northwest of Afrin.

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