Only Syrians Should Decide on Future President – Pro-Government Party Member

 Only the Syrians themselves can and should decide who will be the president of the country, Riad Tabara, a participant of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress from the pro-government forces, said on Monday.
“As for the presidency in Syria, this is a sovereign position in the country. No one should interfere in this process. We, the Syrians will decide ourselves who will be the president of Syria,” Tabara, who is a member of the Party of National Pledge, which is part of the National Progressive Front of Syria, told reporters.
Western countries insist on the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Russia has repeatedly stated that the destiny of the incumbent head of state should be decided only by the Syrian people themselves.
The official further expressed hope that supporters of both Syrian President Bashar Assad and the opposition would be able to gather at the same table at the forum.

“Yes, we hope that it will take place. People would not have come here, if they did not want to talk to each other,” Tabara told reporters.

He also called on the opposition to back up the idea of the united Syria.

“I think that those responsible people in the camp of the opposition must understand — we have one homeland and no matter what political differences between us, we should unite around the idea of a united Syria,” Tabara noted.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress, organized by Russia in Sochi, aims to bring together opposition and pro-governmental forces, as well as representatives of all Syrian ethnic and religious groups in order to push forward the process of political settlement, with a specific focus on the constitution and elections.
The UN Security Council permanent members along with Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia have been invited to take part in the work of the forum as observers.

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