Syrian Army scores heavy causalities, kills prominent rebel commander in south Idlib

The Syrian troops continue its military offensive – backed by Russian air-power – in northeast Hama province, targeting the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham positions towards the Idlib countryside.
Pro rebel sources reported on Tuesday that many fighters of Jaish Al-Nasr involved in fighting along “HTS” were killed as senior military commander of “Ayyoub Suailah” also neutralized in clashes with the Syrian army.

The Syrian troops were able to liberate 5 hamlets from the terror-group of HTS in southern Idlib today morning.
With the recent advancement, the SAA is 22 km to Maarat Al-Nuaman , 15 km to Khan Shiekhoon and 28 km to Abo Thohur airbase, In total, The government advanced 20 km since the beginning of Idlib operation.

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