Syria Map Update: Syrian Army captures Harasta Station area

Syrian Army units and allied forces continued their advance against Nusra terrorists (HTS) and their rebel allies in Harasta north of Damascus.
A military source confirmed to Muraselon that the Syrian Armed Forces has managed to seize the Harasta Bus Station region south of the provincial building in Harasta after fierce clashes with Faylaq al-Rahman and Nusra.
This advance came with the operational goal to seize more areas overlooking the supply route to the Vehicles Management Base in addition to establishing fire bases that overlook militant movements from Erbeen to the surrounding region targeting them on spot which would theoretically enable the Syrian Army to paralyze all insurgent activity on this front.
Ceaseless airstrikes on Nusra positions in Harasta have increased in intensity around the Vehicle Base as well as the depth of Faylaq and Nusra joint control.
During the past days, militant observatories admit the loss of 32 fighters during the fierce clashes with the Syrian Army in Harasta.
Clashes continue on a day-to-day basis in the Ajami and Hada’iq districts as the SAA intensifies rocket bombing on the front lines through the battle-tested Golan MLRS.
Loyalist forces had succeeded in lifting the siege off the Vehicle Management Base after seizing control of the nearby mills area.