Syria Map Update: Syrian Army achieves important advance west of Abu Duhour

Syrian Army units operating in Idlib’s southern countryside resumed military operations on the Abu al-Duhour axis achieving an important advance west of the town after fierce clashes with Nusra terrorists.
A military source in Idlib’s countryside confirmed to Muraselon that the Syrian Army took control of Tal Azo after killing dozens of HTS terrorists and allied rebels.
The importance of seizing Tal Azo comes from its fire superiority over many villages around it including the strategic town of Al-Khafiyeh and the supply route to Abu Duhour village northwards.
Syrian Army units are currently working on taking full control of Abu Duhour town after managing to capture the southern and eastern parts of the town.
The Syrian and Russian Air Forces have been launching incessant air strikes targeting many regions across Idlib’s countryside- perhaps the most violent of their kind since the launch of the Idlib military campaign.

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