South Idlib Map Update | Syrian Army liberates Al-Khwoyen village .

The government troops – spearheaded by Tiger Forces – keep marching on in southern Idlib, combating the death-cult group of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) along with its allies.
Yesterday , the Syrian Army unites were able to liberate Al-Khwoyen village , which located north-west of Abo Dalli village in South Idlib countryside .
The source told Muraselon website  that ” when our troops enter Al-Khwoyen village , the militants were advanced from the right side to surround us inside the town , the Tiger ” Suheil Al-Hassan ” order other Tigers groups to destroy HTS militants , and they did . ”
”  Dozens of HTS militants were killed during the battle , others wounded ” the Source added .
In Map we can see that only some villages to arrive the Strategic town Khan Shiekhown if the military operation will be toward the village .
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