Sochi congress final statement affirms full commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity

Participants in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress of Sochi stressed full commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.
The final statement of the congress, which was approved after discussing and voting each article of it stated “we, the participants in the Syrian National Congress, representing all spectrums of the Syrian society and its political, civil and ethnic, religious and social groups, have gathered upon an invitation of the Russian Federation in Sochi to put an end to seven years of our people’s suffering through reaching a common understanding about the need to save the country from the armed confrontation, the social and economic devastation,  and providing the fundamental rights and freedoms for all its citizens, foremost of which is the right of safe and free life without violence or terrorism.
“The only way to reach this goal is the political settlement to the challenges facing our country,” the statement said.
It affirmed respect and full commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.
“No part of the national territory would be abandoned. The Syrian people remain committed to the restoration of the Occupied Golan by all legal means in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the international law,” the statement said.
It added that Syria is fully committed to the national sovereignty of its land and that Syria should restore its full role at the international arena and in the region, including its role as part of the Arab world in accordance with the UN Charter and its objectives and principles.
The statement went on to say that only the Syrian people have the right to decide the future of their own country through democratic means and through the ballot boxes and they have the exclusive right to choose their political, economic and social system without any pressure or external intervention and in accordance with Syria’s duties and international rights on the international arena.
It affirmed that Syria is a democratic, (non-sectarian) state based on political pluralism and equal citizenship, protection of the rule of law, separation of powers, independence of the judiciary, full equality among all citizens and preserving public freedoms.
“The government is committed to national unity, social peace and comprehensive and balanced development with fair representation at the local administration level,” the statement said.
“Boosting the work of governmental and public institutions, protecting the infrastructure of private properties and society, and providing public services to all citizens in accordance with the high standards of management and gender equality,” the statement said.
“Preserving the Army and the Armed Forces that perform their duties in accordance with the constitution, including protecting the borders and the Syrian citizens from external threats, as well as combating terrorism wherever it is found,” the statement read.
The statement affirmed full rejection of all forms of terrorism, fanaticism, extremism and religious discrimination, and commitment to combating them effectively.
“All respect for the Syrian society, its national identity, its history and its rich values to which all the religions, civilizations and traditions have contributed to, including coexistence among the various spectrum of the Syrian society and preserving the national cultural heritage with all its aspects,” the statement said.
It called for combating and eradicating poverty, supporting the elderly and other vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, orphans and war victims in addition to providing security and shelter to all refugees and displaced as well as protecting their rights in returning home voluntary.
“We, as representatives of the Syrian people, who suffered terrible endurance and were courageous enough to fight international terrorism, announce our determination to restore prosperity to the homeland and secure a decent and comfortable life for all,” the statement concluded.

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