Russian FM: US accusations of Russia and Syria of using chemical weapons “lies”

Russian Foreign Ministry has lashed out over US accusations of Russia and Syria of using chemical weapons as “lies” and aim at obstructing any effort toward finding a way out of the crisis in Syria.
The Ministry, in a statement on Wednesday, said that Washington is trying to derail the objective investigation into the chemical attacks as it is not interested in identifying those who are truly responsible for the attacks.
The statement stressed that the US had run a wide-scale propaganda war against Russia, rejecting Moscow or the Syrian Army’s responsibility for carrying out the alleged chemical attack in Ghouta.
The statement said that a number of US high ranking officials on January 23rd, directed false charges to Russia and Syria in an attempt to blame Moscow and Damascus for the use of chemical weapons. It added that a huge propaganda campaign is being launched with the aim of defaming Russia on the international arena and undermining the efforts exerted to reach a peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria.
The Russian Ministry stressed that the so-called “International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons” launched by the US and France is an attempt to replace the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the formation of a new anti-Damascus bloc by using lies.
The statement said that the French and US initiative aims at complicating Sochi Congress, which aims at supporting the UN-backed Geneva talks, and this will completely halt the dialogue process in Syria since it doesn’t suite the US desire.

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