Pictures +18 : Syrian Army kills numbers of ISIS during repelling its attack near Al-Bukamal

On Thursday, Islamic State militants launched an offensive against the Syrian Army and allied  along the western shore of the Euphrates River, targeting government defenses around several key towns.
The Syrian Arab Army thwarted an attack by terrorists of Daesh (ISIS) on the villages of al-Kishma and Ghriba in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor ” military source said on Thursday
As a result of the attack, more than 25 terrorists were killed, others were injured and their weapons and ammo were destroyed, the source added .
In addition to the success of the defensive operation, the Syrian Army got its hands on a neat loot of enemy weapons.
Picture evidence (shown at the end of this article) reveals that among many of the captured weapons were American-built designs including M-16 assault rifles and Barret high-powered sniper rifles.

Today , this evening , military source said that the Syrian Army was able to repel new ISIS offensive on its sites in Al-Jalaa village west of Al-Bukamal .

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