Op-ed: Turkish Army falsely claims killing of “ISIS” fighters in Afrin

Day after day the Erdogan regime publishes false reports on the ongoing battles between his army and the Kurdish forces in Afrin.
The Turkish Army had announced on Sunday the neutralization of 484 elements from the YPG and ISIS since the launch of the Olive Branch Operation in the Afrin region of northwest Syria.
Whoever follows those numbers expects that the Turkish Army has indeed occupied Afrin and its forces marauding center Afrin, which -by the way- has not been subject to ISIS presence since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011.
Since the initiation of the operation in January 20, the Turkish Army and their Euphrates Shield proxies has not been able to capture anything beyond a few border villages that do not total 10 villages.
The Syrian Democratic Forces has announced that Turkish warplanes had bombed the Midanki Dam in Aleppo’s northern countryside along with several archaeological sites in Ayn Dara region today’s evening.
The Turkish Air Force continues its daily air campaign bombing civilian areas all across the Afrin administration killing 86 and injuring over 150.
The opposition’s SOHR announced today that over 148 Turkish soldiers, Syrian rebels, and Kurdish fighters have perished in the ongoing onslaught that is entering its 9th day in progress.