Afrin map update: Turkish military seizes new areas from Kurds as fighting continues

The Turkish military backed by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” factions have initiated a wide-scale offensive in northern Syrian, targeting the YPG locations in Afrin region.
On Monday, Turkish sources claimed to capture the strategic mountaintop of “Barsayah” that overlooking the city of ‘Azzaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo from the hands of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.
So far, the “Free Army” factions have seized four “strategic” hills in the areas of Sheikh Hadid and Rajo, west of Afrin. opposition sources said.
In addition to the villages of Bali Kui and Adh Manli, in the Raju district northwest of the city, along with the villages of Karni, Sheikh, Basi, Merso and Hiftar in the area of ​​”Bulbul”.
Reportedly, the Turkish commandos are involved recently into the battle for Afrin, pro-rebel media cited.
The multiple-axis military invasion began on the afternoon of Saturday January 20, 2018, when three F-16s penetrated the Syrian airspace and carried out 11 raids on the villages of Mar’naz, Ayn Dukna, Tal Refaat, Meng and Kafargana in the northern countryside of Aleppo.