Map update: Syrian troops gain more territories south Idlib, liberate three hamlets

The government forces gain momentum day-by-day defeating the terror group of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham and its allied Islamist factions in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Sources from the ground confirmed to Muraselon, that the elite Tiger Forces succeeded in driving out the HTS jihadist from 3 villages (Um sahrij, Mushrifat Al-khanzeer and Um al-khalaeil).
Military source denied to Muraselon  the reports that Syrian Army controlled Qulayaat Al-Tubieyah town
The army also made significant push north of the strategic ‘Abo Dali’ town  – Yesterday – capturing 4 villages from the extremist organization.
What’s more, the Army units were capable to eliminate a senior field commander of Jaish Al-Nasr of “Ayyoub Suailah”, yesterday.

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