Map update: Syrian forces attack ISIS, regain two hamlets in east Hama

The government forces continued military operations against the terrorist organization of the Islamic state in eastern Hama, expanding control in the western axis of the Sa’an region.
Field source confirmed that the units of the Syrian army and allied forces controlled the towns of Totah and Aniq Bagra after clashes with ISIS.
Yesterday, the Syrian army and allied forces were able to besiege a group of 1,200 fighters in a large enclave measuring 1,200 square kilometers between the villages of Hama, Idlib and Aleppo. The troops took control of the last town between the south-eastern countryside of Aleppo and southern Idlib countryside.
Furthermore, The terrorist organization had managed to flee to the north-eastern Hama countryside following the Syria Army operation – in the summer of 2017 – in eastern Salamiyah city.