Map update: Syrian Army takes back more hamlets from ISIS in east Hama

Combating the death-cult group of the Islamic state, the government units in northeastern countryside of Hama, restore more territories amid heavy fighting.
On Monday morning, the Syrian troops alongside allies, were capable to drive out ISIS militants from two villages located few kilometers north of Hama-Aleppo highway.
“Hujala and Tall Mushrifah” that situated in Al-Sa’an sub-district and about 60 km from Hama provincial capital, were taken back from ISIS following intense clashes, Syrian military reported.
While the operation continues in eastern Idlib, Syrian Army units and allies are now 7 km away from friendly units east Abu Duhour, meanwhile, the mopping operations in all the villages in the northeastern axis from Khanasser removing most of the IEDs and mines left behind enabling displaced residents to come back to their villages.

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