Map update: Rebel largest bulwark in eastern Hama liberated by Syrian Army

The Syrian troops keep advancing in southern Idlib and eastern Hama province, battling the extremist group of Hayyat Tahrir Al-sham.
Military sources from eastern Hama countryside confirmed that Army troops managed to liberate the strategic town of Al-Rahjan following intense push.
The town of Al-Rahjan is located on the old road of Salamiyah – Aleppo in eastern Hama, and this is what has gained its strategic importance.
The Nasra Front as known as ”HTS” took control of the town in July of 2014, and established the ’emirate of its immigrants’, who were mostly from Chechnya.
Concurrently with the other Syrian troops advancing in Idlib, The “HTS” positions in eastern Hama are threatened with siege, especially with the arrival of the Syrian army on the outskirts of Abu Adduhur airbase.